The Born Again Barn

The Born Again Barn Cleanout

When we bought the property we were told that we could not go inside the barn. We couldn’t go inside the barn even if we tried anyways. It was so full of junk you couldn’t step more than 3 feet through the door. It looked intimidating. It was dark, wet, cold, poorly lit and had holes through out the roof with snow coming through.

You see, immediately walking up to the barn where one of the major structural beams had sunk into the mud under the barn and took down part of the roof and everything else it supported. We tried walking around the barn to inspect the exterior but the snow was so deep and it was 20 degrees outside.

The listing broker stood in the cold counting the seconds and seemed impatient. We decided, it looked good enough for us. It might be a tear down, it might not be. We would find out some day, IF we bought the property.

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