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A letter to our Forester and Loggers

Dear Robert,

Both Jared and I want to let you know that we are extremely happy with the work done at our property. It seems that the crew is wrapping up this morning. A sad day knowing that their trucks pulling in will no longer serve as my alarm clock, the whirling sound of the wood chipper will be gone and the progress of “money” trees have all been spent and hauled away. We had a chance to drive down through the property on our ATV yesterday using the very established and well groomed roads. Despite how thin the forest looks compared to where it was when we started, it is still quite beautiful and full of life. We stirred up a few deer and watched a few hawks exploring the exposed grounds. The views of the surrounding hills and valleys are picturesque. We had no idea that the property had so many unique points, rock faces and views.

Most importantly, everything that we agreed to do was done just as described. The hemlocks seem quite stately and established on the lower half of the property, the boundary hardwoods remain intact and the diameter cut left us with large pockets of hardwood trees and pine. We are anxious to see what our first spring and summer will look like out there and hope you will continue to be involved in the future of this new forest. We welcome you any time to explore the grounds.
Im sure I’ve said many previous times but the clearing done around the house is still mind blowing for us. To look out of our front porch and see out as far as we can and have full access to the property is something we did not envision when we purchased the property. Fencing will go up soon and the grazing flock will become a dream much sooner thanks to all that hard work.

Let us know what we can expect from here on.

Please let us know how we can share our appreciation to the logging crew and for your business. I will gladly share any referrals or testimonials as a testament to the professionalism and honesty from the entire crew. Jeremy and his staff were always courteous, professional and respectful to us and our property.

Now the real hard work will begin for us with the renovations to the barn, planting our Christmas and fruit trees, installing fencing and introducing our livestock, something we have been anxious to get back into. We value any insight, ideas, suggestions, anything in regards to your personal and professional experience. For starters: what do you know about commercial wood chippers? (seriously though, Jared found an older used one that we might be interested in buying)

Thanks  again and see you soon.

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