Elderberry Tree

Elderberry BushWith the help of my dad, I also discovered that our front yard has a cluster of mature and young Elderberry (black berry) Trees. Some are being choked out by some other bushes and trees but I will be sure to open these right up again.

Elderberry have a very long history and value to our current and past customs. St Germain liquor is made from the flowers (my favorite), berries can be cooked and eaten or made in to jams, the wood is used to make hard wood tools, pipes and flutes.
The tree is claimed to be to spirit of the Elder Mother witch:

“The Elder Mother is thought to be the guardian of the elder trees, and it was said, until recent times in various parts of England and Scandinavia that to take wood from the elder tree one would have to ask the Elder Mother first, or else ill luck would befall the woodsman. The woodsman would have to ask the Elder Mother like so:

“Old girl, give me some of thy wood and I will give thee some of mine when I grow into a tree.”

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