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Farming for the Holidays

Nothing makes me feel more like a “farmer” than making homemade gifts for the holidays. I have a special Texas BBQ sauce recipe that everyone loves. This Christmas I made a huge batch and gave them away as gifts.

Late summer 2017 we picked several pounds of blueberries from local fields. I love a fresh batch of lump blueberry sauce. I love my sauce when the blueberries stay nice and round. Of course, you can only achieve this with “Low Bush” blueberries since they are much smaller. High Bush plants produce berries that are delicious but way too big for spreading and dipping.

Lastly, the homemade soap bars. Sometimes made from rendered pork or beef fat but this batch was a lye based mixed with clean and soft mixtures of oils. Though I don’t mind the lumpy lard based soaps, I know many people are not fond of the idea. Rendering lard can be cumbersome and a lot of work too.

All in all, another year of creative farm projects that I can share with those I love the most. I love what I do. I love sharing what I do. I can’t wait until Christmas!

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