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Tango, the Buckskin Mare, on the farm

I took Tango for a long walk/jog last night. We are working on our verbal cues to prepare her for her Dr. Cooks bitless bridle.

She got to try on her new bareback saddle as we lunged around in circles in various parts of the yard. We both worked up a sweat so I would say it was a good work out.

All of this was going on with us while my other two ponies were whinnying and running around in circles, dogs barking and running around, Jared driving up the driveway… you name it. Not once did I loose her attention.

It’s not everyday you get to have such a well trained horse land in your paddock but I am forever grateful to have her. Soon we will be riding the trails around my house and maybe be able to pony Penny and take her out with us 🙂

We ended our night with a pedicure and some apple treats. I got a little whinny from her with a mouthful of hay… she was a happy little lady. I cant wait to take her out again tonight!

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