Farm Made Flock Block, Chicken Suet

Want a healthy, fun, boredom buster idea for your chickens?

Why not try a farm made Chicken Suet!

Now, I happen to be making my Flock Block from the left over suet when I boiled down my pig fat to make lard. I am using the lard for my soap bars. I don’t expect you to have several pounds of pig flake and back fat in your freezer. I also don’t anticipate that you were boiling the fat down to make lard for soap bars. (If you are, you are in the right place my friend!)

So, if you don’t have pounds of fat what will you be using? Kitchen scratches and bacon grease!! You heard me right, trim that fat and gristle off your meat and save it. Drain that bacon grease into a jar and save it. Once you have enough to fill a pot half way, you have just enough to get started.

Here’s what you need:

  • Large Pot
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Strainer/Sifter (I use a flour sifter. The smaller the holes the better)
  • Grease/Fat
  • Chicken Scratch/Seeds/Sunflower Seeds
  • Peanut Butter
  • Plastic or Pyrex food storage containers

So let’s get started!!!

1) Fill your large pot with about 3″ of water on the bottom Your pot should never be more than half full after you have added all of your water and grease/fat!!!!! Grab a large pot to be safe!

2) Add about 1 tbsp of Salt per 1lb of grease you are boiling

3) Trim the fat and gristle down to small pieces (I freeze my fat to make it easier to cut up) The smaller the pieces the more fat you will cook out of it.

4) Add your fat and grease BEFORE you begin to heat up the water.

Now this is a good time to talk about safety. Hopefully we all know what happens when we heat water and oil!!!! Don’t overheat your water to the point of boiling!!! Don’t ever let your oil splatter! And don’t ever let your oil boil over into an open flame!!!! Seriously guys, this is science. Be safe!!!

5) Ok, so now that we have some warm water the grease should be starting to thin out, you should see less and less clumps of fat. Stir to break down the oil and aft. You will still see chunks of meat and gristle. That is fine, we will sift these out.

6) I let mine heat for about 30 mins per lb fat. By now it should be a watery consistency with clumps of junk floating around.

7) Grab a large container or large mason jar and your strainer/sifter. We are about to strain out the liquid from the clumpy stuff.

8) It’s time to slowly pour the water/oil/clumpy stuff into our jar or container. It might take a few pours since your sifter will start to fill up with stuff. Dump that clumpy stuff into a bowl (We are going to be using that too)

9) Let your oil/water mixture rest until its at room temperature. Once its cooled, you can place it in your refrigerator.

10) OK, now it’s tomorrow and you are opening your fridge and looking at your wonderful creation of LARD or TALLOW!!! Congrats!!!!! You did it!!!!!! The water should be on the bottom and the fat on top. Grab a big spoon and starting spooning it into a pot. Pour out the water that’s in the bottom. We no longer need that.

11) Grab that extra clumpy stiff that we sifted out yesterday and throw that in there.

12) Heat your pot on low. You just want to melt the fat, not boil or burn it!

13) Now you can add your peanut butter, seeds, etc to your SUET.

14) Mix it until it starts to feel like thick dough

15) Spoon your SUET into the small containers and let them reach room temp.

16) Cool them in your fridge so they are easy to handle as a block and wrap them in wax paper, lay them on a cookie sheet to freeze them or place them into baggies.

17) I like to freeze mine. It’s a nice cool treat in the summer time and will not spoil.

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