The Fox and Crow Farm Store

Have I mentioned that THIS IS THE YEAR!!!????

  1. This is the year we open our Farm Store right here on the farm
  2. This is the year we offer our Online Store, open 24/7
  3. This is the year we are selling our farm raised meats, eggs and goodies to YOU
  4. This is the year we are offering HOME DELIVERY!!!
  5. This is the year of the FOXBOX

When, you ask?

Well, when we get through the red tape of licensing, insurance, labeling and taxes. We are just weeks away from our Grand Opening!!!! But, that wont stop me from sharing our farm store page with you now.


Jared and I have been raising our free range, free foraging and grass fed hogs for several years now but this year we will be offering our pork cuts directly to you. All USDA packaged and with the option of Smoked cuts and thick cut bacon.

We have 30 laying hens going into production so we can ensure you will never have to buy commercially raised eggs from the grocery store ever again.

We have free range meat birds pecking away at the grass, bugs and enjoying the sun while stretching their wings on our farm ready to provide you with the healthiest and most delicious chicken.

Have you been watching all of our BBQ sauces, BBQ Dry Rubs and recipes? Our Soap Bars? Our dog treats, our horse cookies…?????????? Yes, you guessed it!!! Those will soon be for sale through our farm store.

And whats this about HOME DELIVERY???? ……… Ok, so we have a few secrets we aren’t ready to reveal just yet, but soon. All I can say is: FOXBOX

Heres what you need to know:

  1. Follow uS and Watch for Updates
  2. Buy from us and Help Support your Local Farmers
  3. Share our Page and our message with your friends and family members
  4. Love yourself, your body and mind, and take care of Mother Earth. We will and we do ❤



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