Meet the Farmers

Meet the Farmers

We hope you are here on purpose. We hope you found our farm through a blog, podcast, youtube video, facebook, instagram or through our extensive involvement in the community. How ever you landed on this page, we welcome you.

The Fox and Crow Farm is owned and operated by Erin Stone and Jared Hanselman.

The Farm’s Story

The Fox and Crow Farm, founded in June 2015, was not easy to find or buy. The house has this amazing history and story to tell but its last 50 years before we found it was quite depressing and sad.

Our house was likely originally built around the 1750’s. The town of Barnstead was first chartered in 1727 and the first settlement started. To refresh you history buffs, this area of New Hampshire was inhabited by the Native American Indians. After the first English settlers began to arrive so did the French. A huge war broke out (known as the 7 Year War) between the French and the English and native Indians became a casualty of war and forced to join forces for either side. The French were defeated and retreated farther north (now Canada) and shortly thereafter America was born and defeated the English in the Revolutionary War. Our little town of Barnstead was still inhabited by Indians when the wars were going on and many of the French trappers from the North began to settle in this area. You will find that many of the older homes in this town were built and owned by French Canadians.

Our homestead was started by Mr. Samuel Nelson and his family. Dates begin around 1743. They are buried here on our property along with the Langley family. Land was only being transferred in 60 or 100 acre lots to prevent people from buying large parcels and starting their own towns. We still have the original intact land since the beginning of record keeping in 1850.

The farm would change hands many times. Many of the owners were from Canada and would purchase the land and farm it until they would default to the bank and go through the process of foreclosure and auction. A notable name that owned the farm during it hay-day as a functional and profitable farm were the Munday Family. The Munday’s were from Canada and raised dairy cows. They were likely the ones to build the existing barn we are repairing.

The Mundays sold their farm to the Gerson family in the mid 1960’s. The Gerson’s then rented the home to the Corliss family, another notable name in the area. When we purchased the home it was hacked into a 2 family and was in need of extensive repairs.

Buying the house in its condition was a challenge. No one would finance it, no one would insure it. It did not have a functional heating system, the house had mold, inspection issues, town issues, electrical issues, buried fuel tanks, etc. We wanted the house and somehow we made it work.

We were living in Portsmouth NH at the time and took every weekend and weeknight to come up to the house and start work. We both took a week off from work and lived in the camper while we did the major gut out. By August 31st we were moving in, ready or not!

Since we moved in to the house we have been able to complete many projects.

Converted the 2 family back to a single family home, totally remodeled the kitchen, altered some interior walls to create a large guest bedroom downstairs, open up the house addition to a large bar room, installed 3 wood stoves, converted the upstairs kitchen into a gorgeous guest bedroom, combined two small bedrooms into a large master suite, enlarged a bathroom to include a washer/dryer, dual sinks and walk in shower, remodeled the down stairs bathroom by ripping out the vinyl shower insert and installing an original claw foot tub/shower. We also built the 2 stall rabbit barn, large chicken house, green house, 2 horse run-in sheds, two large paddocks, fenced in our backyard, built a large 4 stall pole barn and have started renovations on the original barn. In 2019 we completed our first remote “off grid” cabin.

Needless to say, there is a lot of history here and we are only just beginning ours. To see photos or read more about the renovations be sure to check us out on Facebook.

The farm today produces fresh free ranged pork, chicken, turkey and rabbit meat. We harvest several heirloom apples from our trees and have cherry, peach and pear trees planted. We believe in using all of our resources so I have created a soap bar that uses all of the saved fat from our pigs. I save furs and skins and use an all-natural tanning process. We save poop waste and create a nice compost for gardening and replenishing the soil. Organs and left-over meat trimmings are saved for creating wholesome dog food and treats.