Livestock Guardian Dog

Getting a puppy for Cash was 100% the right thing to do.

Cash has remained true to his job, never wavering from his commitment as a livestock guardian dog. He works so hard it’s been a challenge to get him to eat enough throughout the day since his dog food is kept in his house. Since the puppy came around, Cash is spending more time in his house and eating all of his meals (and gaining the much needed weight for winter.)

I watch them play endlessly, nap frequently and cuddle together to stay dry or warm. It’s adorable and emotional at the same time. Cash wasn’t raised like other puppies and many times we doubted that what we were doing was “right”. He spent endless amounts of hours, days alone. Our domestic dogs rejected him instantly since he liked to play too rough. We wanted to cuddle him and bring him in to the house so many times, feeling sorry for him and his loneliness. But we were committed to our goals of raising a good livestock gaurdian dog, and that we most certainly did.

Bagel has allowed Cash to be a puppy again but this time with the maturity and attitude he needs to be a good teacher and farm dog. I trust that Bagel will learn everything he needs to be equally as balanced and with the same work ethic and adorable personality we see so often in Cash.

I know we share this often but it’s true in saying: Cash is the best dog. We love him so much and there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing him laying low to the ground, as gentle as a giant dog can be, playing softly with his new puppy Bagel.


The Farm Store

This past Saturday, October 30th, we hosted our first Grand Opening of the Farm Store in the new barn.

WHAT A SUCCESS!!! It was a dreadful raining, cold, windy day and our freshly laid dirt driveway was a soupy mess. I was concerned the bath weather would keep people away from our event. I was wrong! I should have posted that there was a occupancy limit in the little shop. My husband plans to build a covered porch so at least, in the future, our guest can have a place to sit and enjoy the view while they wait for the shop to clear out of shoppers.

My parents were visiting from upstate New York so my mom helped me prepare some fresh baked warm Pretzels and Hot Coffee and Cider for our guest. We bagged some fresh baguettes and hoagie rolls and prepared fresh Chocolate Fudge and Olive Butter, items we dont usually stock in the store. I was surprised at with every guest how much they enjoyed my selection.

I can’t thank everyone who attended enough for their support and coming to our farm on that day. I appreciated meeting everyone and connecting with them all in one way or another. I hope you enjoy the stuff you purchased and we will certainly be hosting another fun event at the Barn again soon!


Need a last minute gift idea for your outdoorsy friend, family member or co-worker?

Want to gift a night stay at our Off-Grid Cabin? 

Our Cabin rents on AirBnB for $125 but for a limited time we are offering a nights stay for only $65.


Dates for reservations are only good between May 25 and September 7, 2020.

Reservations must be confirmed by April 15, 2020
Available dates are not guaranteed until booked.
Applicable rules and regulations apply. For more details please contact the farm directly at
Not redeemable for cash.


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Coming Soon!

Custom Wood Crafts

Coming in 2020. Sustainably harvested wood crafts from The Fox and Crow Farm.

In 2017 The Fox and Crow Farm endured a major wind storm and lost many trees. We witnessed decade and century old trees simply uprooted and knocked over. It was a terrible loss. We vowed to save as much of the wood as we possibly could and invested in a band saw mill to mill lumber onsite. We built our Windfall Cabin in spring of 2019.

Now, we are proud to offer some unique farm crafts from our harvested lumber. From Red Oak, White Oak, Birch, Maple and other various species, we have designed cutting boards, bottle openers and other unique gifts.

Stay tuned for our official launch in our Fox and Crow Farm Store.


Today was a good day

I just had a break through with my horse Tango. I think we both felt it and it was too amazing not to share with you.

Tango has mounting issues. Mounting from the ground, a mounting block and even just being elevated around her. She gets mean, ears go farther back than I have ever seen on a horse, bites at her shoulder, has bitten me, swishes her tail and stomps her back foot.

I have tried several different methods and I always get results but this issue just never seems to really go away.

Today I just stood on a tree stump in her paddock. Tango came to me (came to me!!) and turned her ears and started being all pissy. I put my hands in my pockets and just shifted my weight left to right and took deep breaths. Tango moved in closer to me. If I looked at her or moved my hand towards her I would get the sass. So I didnt. I just stood there minding my own business. She kept moving in closer and closer to me. Her breath got longer and longer and she shifted her weight right into me.

Now we must have stood there for about 15 minutes and I could tell she was falling asleep. Her lower lip was sagging, her head was low, her ears forward. I leaned in to her and touched her.

Tango turned her head real quick and I thought for sure she was going to go sour. She didnt!

Here I was, standing on the stump, elevated, my hip at her withers (she put herself there mind you) and I was touching her without any fuss.

What was different about today than all the other days?
I am working on mounting my little rescue TWH, Penny. I have had her since she was a wee little rescued filly and I earned her trust and confidence in me by working with her little bits at a time. That time has built this amazing bond. Today she let me sit up on her bareback and get on and off several times without a fuss. Why am I not doing this with Tango? How is she any different?

Today I let her decide how much was too much and when it felt right for her just by simply letting her be there. No halter, lead rope, nothing. She was there at her own free will. 15 minutes of relaxation and trust building was better than the 15 minutes of fighting with her to get a mount. She gave me something I honestly have never really asked her to give me. Her honest and sincere approval of the mount and just like Penny, it will take time. So, just like Penny, she will have as much time as she needs. I plan to live with her for rest of our lives so we will make the most of it.

Today was such a good day.


Why didn’t I think of that before?

I am sharing my revelation with you now so you don’t miss out on this like I did.

We just “beefed” up our laying hen production. We went from our 4 laying hens in 2018 to 30 laying hens in 2019. This called for a whole new approach to EVERYTHING.

  • A bigger chicken house
  • Easier clean up
  • More water and feed and a better management of that
  • More nesting boxes (and ones that they will actually use)
  • A bigger, taller outdoor aviary for them where they are protected from Ravens, Owls, Fox, Coyotes, and everything else

So, what my BIG revelation?????????

A roosting bar over a sand box

Clean up works like this: kitty litter scooper, bucket, no more poop.

You can thank me now or later on when you install one in your chicken house.

And your birds will thank you too since they LOVE rolling around and scratching at sand.