The Windfall “Off Grid” Cabin and Retreat

cabin in the snowThere’s only one thing better than visiting Fox and Crow Farm. That’s staying at Fox and Crow Farm at our off grid cabin.

Located at the operational Fox and Crow Farm in Barnstead, NH, enjoy the homesteading lifestyle with privacy you cant find anywhere else. Drive through the gate and enter the farm. Park your car at the end of the dirt road and prepare the journey into the woods by foot, snowshoe, horse, ATV, etc. Site includes picnic table and outhouse style bathroom.

We are Equine and dog Friendly! Cable zipline available at site to hitch your dog or horse.

Windfall Off-Grid Remote Cabin

Spend the night in our Certified Wildlife Habitat

Rent our Windfall Off-Grid Cabin Retreat 

Everything, except your linens and food, is included in your rental. You can literally just show up and start your own campfire and enjoy the sounds and privacy of the deep woods.

Heres what others have said:

“My husband and I spent an evening at the “Windfall Cabin” at Fox and Crow Farm and thoroughly enjoyed it! The cabin is set far back in the woods for privacy, however is still easily accessible by foot, ATV or 4×4 truck. The cabin itself is AMAZING! It was recently built, and still smells of fresh lumber. The owners have thought about all the details, from the basic kitchen necessities to the comfy seating areas, to the very clean outhouse — it is a must if you enjoy staying in the woods, but are still looking for some everyday features of home. I said to the owners that I could spend the whole summer there! Highly recommend!! “

“What a wonderful night spent in the Cabin at Fox and Crow Farm! Perfectly situated, a short walk through a white birch forest. From the cargo wagon, to the oil lanterns and endless fun finds within the cabin no feature was over looked. The cabin was built with such detail and thought. We cannot wait to visit again! ”

“Wonderful getaway in nature! We loved this adorable little cabin!”

The Windfall Cabin

In late 2017 we experienced this massive storm that knock down trees and powerlines all over the state. Our poor pine forest was hit the worst. We suffered what is called a “micro-burst” and it flattened almost 4 acres of standing pine.

Jared and I were devastated. The forest was home to a raven family and many other animals. It provided shade and privacy. We knew without hesitation what we were going to do with the pine. Jared already had a wood saw mill and so we created a plan to pull all of the downed trees out of the rubble and cut them into boards and beams.

2018 we built the tent platform and started renting the site out to tenters. We had so much positive reviews that we decided it was time to build the cabin.

In 2019 we started building the cabin and thoughtfully designed the layout. All of the wood was harvested from our property and all cut with the saw mill and hand notched and stood up. The windows were donated, the kitchen thoughtfully designed, the stone hearth was a gift and the metal paneling was salvaged. All in all, we think it came out alright.

Final Thoughts

If you like the cabin, share that with us. The cabin has a guest book and we encourage you to journal away. Please remember to leave feedback online about your trip and share photos of your stay.

We hope to have this grow into lasting memories for you, your friends and your family. Please come back again!

Thank you again for choosing our cabin for your vacation!