Livestock Guardian Dog

Getting a puppy for Cash was 100% the right thing to do.

Cash has remained true to his job, never wavering from his commitment as a livestock guardian dog. He works so hard it’s been a challenge to get him to eat enough throughout the day since his dog food is kept in his house. Since the puppy came around, Cash is spending more time in his house and eating all of his meals (and gaining the much needed weight for winter.)

I watch them play endlessly, nap frequently and cuddle together to stay dry or warm. It’s adorable and emotional at the same time. Cash wasn’t raised like other puppies and many times we doubted that what we were doing was “right”. He spent endless amounts of hours, days alone. Our domestic dogs rejected him instantly since he liked to play too rough. We wanted to cuddle him and bring him in to the house so many times, feeling sorry for him and his loneliness. But we were committed to our goals of raising a good livestock gaurdian dog, and that we most certainly did.

Bagel has allowed Cash to be a puppy again but this time with the maturity and attitude he needs to be a good teacher and farm dog. I trust that Bagel will learn everything he needs to be equally as balanced and with the same work ethic and adorable personality we see so often in Cash.

I know we share this often but it’s true in saying: Cash is the best dog. We love him so much and there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing him laying low to the ground, as gentle as a giant dog can be, playing softly with his new puppy Bagel.