Getting Back in the Saddle

Erin on her new horseI got thrown off a spooked horse in a full run back to barn. I was trying to slow him down and he decided he needed to dump me and went into a bronc and I went flying. I landed on my head (wearing a helmet) but smacked my chin to my chest, pulled a muscle in the front of my neck and sustained some bruising and landed on my lower back. I laid on the ground unable to feel my legs and waited for some pain to kick in so I knew I was ok but hurt. I was ok! A very bruised tailbone, lower back pain and bruising for weeks and unable to comfortably walk, bend over, and move my head for a few days.

This all happened about 1 week before my wedding day. My now husband was not thrilled and forbid me from riding again before the wedding, like I could anyways.

The accident was not on my horse. It was was my friends horse. So I tried to get “back in the saddle” with my trusted steed. I got up and just sat there for about 2 minutes waiting for my heart rate to slow down. I was terrified!!! She felt taller than I remember, she could bolt at any moment, I felt vulnerable and I had to get down.

I did a fun 8 mile ride with her and we had a great time. But every time I went to get back on I felt scared.

One ride, my horse just didn’t trust me going down that trail. I had to get off. I didn’t have the ability to push her forward like I used to. In my mind she would bolt and run off to the house (a good 2 miles away) and I would be dumped off and injured again. The thought consumed me and I walked her instead.

I finally decided to get a trainer with a lesson horse in an arena and start all over again. I have had two lessons and each time I get stronger. Having someone on the ground to watch me and remind me to relax is important right now. I feel safe, I feel comfortable and I feel that I am learning to be a better rider. And not just for me but for my horse as well.

Every rider will fall eventually and some can just get right back on (I used to be that person) but when you have so much to lose and the pain was too great, you have to decide when YOU are ready.

I will be ready again soon and my horse will be waiting for me.

Horses, horses, and more horses…

Was another nice horsey day (we just love this nice weather!)

Tango and I went for a long walk/jog again. She is getting used to our trails. Her head is lower and lower and she is staying at a safe distance and pace at my side. We walked up the driveway as Jared drove in. She was not a fan of a moving car behind her. We survived and never stopped moving. Im thinking a little walk on the road is our next adventure so we can get used to cars. I deliberately took her to the edge of the woods when the dogs were running through there. She was spooked by that on our first walk and now it “ain’t no thang.”

So Penny, my adorable filly, is super jealous that Tango is getting all of this attention so I decided to take her out for a walk. I just love her. She is such a baby compared to Tango so we do everything in baby steps. Smaller circles, smaller spaces. Then she gets lots of love since she deserves it.

Then there is Sancho, the trouble making pony! So this guy “knows it all” and has a little ‘tude about everything. I have been reading a lot about clicker trick-training and “at will” training for these super smarty pants. So, just me and Sancho and a short crop for safe distance and we “cluck” (my mouth sounds) … “walk-on” and there he is, strutting himself like a pro. I take a 90 degree turn to the right and boom… there he is. Never missed a step. I turn to look at him and he waits and follows my lead at every step. I think we are on to something here. Could he be a true “trick pony”!!!????

I am adding a Go-Pro to my list of needs at the farm so I can video our sessions. I would love to share the progress all of us are making.

Almost 3 hours of horse play time and I only came in because it was getting too dark outside.

Welcome Home Tango!!!

Tango, our new horse on the farm, did great last night. This was her first night in a few years outside and not barn stalled. It was cold, breezy and crappy weather.

Tango, our new horse on the farm, did great last night. This was her first night in a few years outside and not barn stalled. It was cold, breezy and crappy weather. We tried our best to recreate her stall environment with lofty pine shavings and plenty of hay and water for her right in reach in her run-in shelter. She spent some time at the fence getting to know Penny and Sancho and seems to have spent the rest of her time in the run-in. I went out early this morning to check on her and she was in good spirits.

I always get stressed and emotional when I think they are. Thank god for Jared for keeping me in line. Our horses are better then I could ever imagine.