Whole and Half Pig Shares

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How Our Shares Work

  1. Please complete the questionnaire above
  2. A deposit must be received in order to reserve your share for 2022
  3. Once your deposit has been received you will receive a contract and a cut sheet
    1. I will go over your cut sheet with you to ensure you are comfortable with your selections
  4. You will be notified when your share is being prepared (3-4 week lead time)
  5. When your order is ready you will be given 1 weeks notice to arrange pick up
    1. PickUps can be arranged direct from the butcher or from our farm

A pig share is a discounted bundle of pork conveniently vacuum packaged in retail sized portions and ready for your freezer.

Pork is naturally pasture raised. Year-round availability. Orders are ready with 3-4 week lead time. We will notify you when order is ready. 

What is hanging weight and why do you charge by hanging weight?

Live weight is how much the animal weighs when it’s out in the pasture. Hanging weight is how much the animal weighs “on the hook”, or after it’s been slaughtered, skinned, the guts removed. In short, hanging weight is mostly meat, but still includes a lot of bones that aren’t usable by most. “Cut and wrapped” weight is how many pounds of actual meat you end up with in your freezer.
Most farmers or wholesale stores sell their animals based on hanging weight which may or may not include slaughter and butchering fees (ask before you commit!). It makes sense to use hanging weight because that’s how the butchers also charge the farmers: they charge the butchering fees based on hanging weight or “on the hook”.
We include everything in our price per pound.

What is the average hanging weight and cost per pig?

Average hanging weight for a whole pig= 180-230 lbs (depends on season)

Cost per pig is $5.50/lb based on hanging weight and includes everything. So, if you have a 200 lb hanging weight, total cost would be $1,100.
For half, it would be half.